Your mental health is just as important as your physical health

How you feel impacts your daily life

It affects your relationships, your work, your choices, and even your body. We treat mental health as seriously as any part of your well-being—one that’s worthy of real care that’s right for you.

The problem

Mental health care is disconnected

Barriers between therapists, psychiatrists, and insurance payers become barriers for clients. It’s confusing and expensive for people to get the care they need.

Our goal

We make it simple to get care

UpLift simplifies the mental health care system by connecting providers and payers. Clients know where to get care: a primary mental health provider, backed by a Care Team that supports each client’s progress.

We’re rethinking behavioral health as a system, one where providers can produce lasting outcomes. Measurable results show the story of each person experiencing life-changing growth. Everyone deserves access to that kind of care.

— Julian Cohen, Chief Clinical Services Officer

Better care for better outcomes

93% of people experiencing severe depression felt those symptoms lessen

9 out of 10 clients say they feel better within 90 days

Clients can often find a provider the next day.

On average, clients can attend their first session in 1.4 days

Driven by data, led by experience and compassion

Headshot of Kyle Talcott

Kyle Talcott

Founder and CEO

Headshot of Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen

Chief Clinical Services Officer

Headshot of Kathleen Coughlin

Kathleen Coughlin

Senior Director, Clinical Services & QA

Our Partners

We collaborate with partners to provide well-rounded care.

Kaiser MAS
Medicaid (DC)

Our Investors

Redesign Health
B Capital Group
Ballast Point Ventures
Kapor Capital
Canvas Ventures
Front Porch
Redesign Health
B Capital Group
Ballast Point Ventures
Kapor Capital
Canvas Ventures
Front Porch Ventures
Declaration Partners
Redesign Health
B Capital Group
Ballast Point
Canvas Ventures
Front Porch

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We’re real people who care about real people. Join an empathetic team driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to mental health care.

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