We provide tools to go in-network, take control of your schedule, and deliver effective care—while decreasing your admin work.
Sample preview of UpLift's provider dashboard, which displays today's sessions and how to join easily, a to do list with client assessment results, and payment amounts

Shape your practice to your life—not the other way around

Work from where you want when you want. You set your hours, your location, and your caseload. Whether you’re building a full-time practice or something part-time, you’ll have flexibility and power over your work.

Sample of UpLift's Schedule tool. Providers can edit hours of availability. They can also view and edit sessions on mobile.

Accept insurance easily

Support your clients at rates that work for them—and for you. We get you credentialed, handle your claims, and negotiate with insurance partners so you’re paid well and on time.

Grow your practice, not your paperwork

From credentialing to billing to marketing and more, we do it for you—so you can focus on your clients.

I’m so impressed with the empathy of this company and putting clients’ needs first. This company is truly about the best interest of the individuals we serve and I’m glad to be a part of it.

— Lindsay M. Therapist, LCSW

UpLift places your profile on directories such as ZocDoc and Psychology Today for free.

Reach your ideal caseload

We get you referrals from clients seeking your expertise. Our tools and partnerships expand your reach while letting you keep your current clients.

Collaborate with psychiatry

Refer clients to our integrated psychiatry services. As part of a Care Team, you can share questions and coordinate care.

Graphing tools collect and show a client's progress over time on assessments such as the PHQ9 and GAD7

Deliver better care with
built-in clinical resources

We provide intuitive clinical tools for measuring and tracking client progress, such as assessments, charts, scheduling, progress notes, and more.

How it works

Our process is personal and clear, with our support team helping you every step of the way.

1. Apply

We’ll respond and set up a call so you can decide if UpLift is right for you.

2. Get Credentialed

Accept insurance fast from major payers.

3. Create Your UpLift Profile

Learn our easy-to-use platform.

4. Match With New Clients

We confirm and schedule your sessions for you, so you can start right away.

5. Grow Your Practice

Outsource admin work, get paid twice a month—and focus on what matters.


Can I sign up if my practice does not currently accept insurance?

Yes! We work directly with insurers and will handle all of your credentialing, enrollment, and claims processing for you. We take care of the administrative hassle so that you can focus on seeing more clients.

What are the requirements to become a provider?

We accept providers who are fully licensed in the states where we work as a:

  • Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D./PsyD)
  • Professional Counselor
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Does UpLift have membership fees?

UpLift is free for you to join. We get paid directly by insurance companies.

How will I be paid?

You’ll receive an electronic deposit twice per month. We guarantee payment for each session you indicate as completed, meaning you don’t have to wait for claims to be reimbursed or worry that they’ll be denied.

How much will I earn for sessions?

Rates are highly competitive but vary based on your license and location.

How many hours do I have to commit?

There is no minimum commitment and you can set your hours, UpLift was designed with flexible scheduling in mind. The more hours you add to your UpLift schedule, the more likely you will match with new clients.

Will UpLift impact my current clients?

You can invite current clients to use UpLift—but the choice to invite them is entirely yours.