Empower growth for you and your clients

Spend more time helping clients that match your specialty. UpLift will take care of the admin.

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Build your practice with in-network referrals

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Match with the right clients

Maximize your impact with relevant connections.

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Set your schedule

UpLift will manage appointments and clients on your terms.

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Stay in control

Maintain your current clients and expand your reach with UpLift.

Effortless growth with UpLift


Free profile on our client directory


Qualified clients matched to your expertise


No searching or cold calling

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The best way to go in-network


Augmented reimbursement rates


Guaranteed payment within 14 days


Fast credentialing with major payers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up if my practice does not currently accept insurance?


Yes! We work directly with insurers and will handle all of your credentialing, enrollment, and claims processing for you. We take care of the administrative hassle so that you can focus on seeing more clients.

How many hours do I have to commit?


There is no minimum commitment and you can set your hours, UpLift was designed with flexible scheduling in mind. The more hours you add to your UpLift schedule, the more likely you will match with new clients.

How much will I earn for sessions?


Rates are highly competitive but vary based on your license and location.

How will I be paid?


You’ll receive an electronic deposit twice per month. We guarantee payment for each session you indicate as completed, meaning you don’t have to wait for claims to be reimbursed or worry that they’ll be denied.

Does UpLift have membership fees?


UpLift is free for you to join. We get paid directly by insurance companies.

Will UpLift impact my current clients?


Your current cash pay clients remain separate and UpLift will not impact them.