Podcasts for Your Practice

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Besides books, courses, and direct interactions with other providers, podcasts offer lessons on growing your therapy practice. They’re easy to incorporate into your routine or during other activities while inspiring ideas that you can use to become more efficient with your business. Some of them also shed light on certain mental health issues that can help you become a better therapist. 

Along with the podcast hosts’ own experience and insight, podcasts often bring on guests to share their perspectives on running a practice, therapy, and clients—which means multiple ways to think about how you approach your own. 

Try adding these podcasts to your listening rotation.

Practice of the Practice

If you’re looking to scale your current practice or are starting one part-time, Joe Sanok’s podcast covers it. Joe and his guests provide updated information on marketing, staffing, business development, burnout—and yes, therapy—to support providers at any stage of their practice. 

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Mind Money Balance

Financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin started her podcast to help couples talk about money but the podcast has since evolved to discuss other matters that are money and mental health. For therapists, she weaves insight about private practice entrepreneurship—building one, burnout, boundaries, and more—along with ways therapists can navigate their own relationship with money and finances. 

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The Traveling Therapist Podcast

While many therapists aren’t traveling, Kym Tolson, LCSW, CSAC shares great advice that applies to navigating virtual therapy. She also covers topics like multiple income streams and self-care for therapists along with niche yet useful knowledge about overseas taxes.

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The Private Practice Startup

Two LMFTs, Dr. Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux, talk with each other and other therapists about owning and growing a practice. Besides branding, caseloads, and managing your mindset, they hold interesting discussions on other difficult practice topics, such as how to leave insurance panels or even closing your private practice. 

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Selling the Couch

Through interviews with other therapists who’ve built their businesses, psychologist Melvin Varghese delivers listeners lessons to use for their own practice. Listeners can hear about creating training courses and mental health apps to learn to diversify their own income. 

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All Things Private Practice

Along with ideas and insight into owning a private practice, Patrick Casale, LCMHC, LCAS shares his own personal journey and other therapists’ to help people find their confidence as they run a business. 

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