TAO Connect is now part of UpLift

Together, we're connecting students with the mental health care and resources they need and deserve.

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The TAO resources you love, now with clinical services

UpLift is a leading behavioral healthcare practice delivering in-network therapy and psychiatry through a national network of over 1,500 licensed providers.

We work with you to support your students’ mental health as they go through life’s changes, so they can succeed—academically and in life.

New solutions for your campus

UpLift Essentials

The self-guided, evidence-based resources you know and love from TAO—now with embedded navigation to help students find a provider who accepts their health insurance

UpLift Care

Get UpLift Essentials and a preset number of sponsored packages of therapy and psychiatry visits for students

UpLift Campus Complete

Get UpLift Essentials and unlimited, guaranteed access to therapy and psychiatric care for all students—including care navigation and 24/7 on-demand crisis support

The most affordable option for you and your students

In partnership with your campus and health insurers, we can help your students build life skills and strengthen their mental health—through uncapped access to therapy and psychiatry visits at a lower price than current alternatives.

We keep prices affordable with in-network care

UpLift partners with health insurers to make mental health care accessible to people across the country.

Florida Blue
AmeriHealth Caritass DC
Johns Hopkins Health Plans

...and many more regional plans

Better care for better outcomes

93% of people experiencing severe depression felt symptoms lessen within 12 sessions

9 out of 10 clients say they feel better within 90 days

Clients can often find a provider the next day.

New clients can get care in less than 2 days

The support you and your staff need

We look broadly at what builds strong mental health for students, including the people guiding them. UpLift provides your staff with:

  • Affordable mental health care that you can offer all students
  • Streamlined curriculum integrations and Title IX training
  • A dedicated account team for on-campus marketing to inform and educate students about resources and care