A little support to help you along the way

It’s okay to need extra help. That's why UpLift offers medication management in addition to talk therapy.

Match with a Psychiatrist
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Licensed providers that treat you like a person, not a checklist

Medication management

Accepts insurance

Virtual sessions

Talk therapy

Easy and affordable with insurance

Affording mental health care shouldn’t make you more stressed.

AmeriHealth Caritas DC
Florida Blue

Don’t see your insurance provider on the list? We also offer self-pay rates at low costs.

Is psychiatry right for you?

If you don’t know if you might benefit from a consultation, answer this fast and free assessment. It’s based on a clinical tool called the PHQ-2 that screens for depression.

We believe in psychiatry that is...


We listen to you and understand you—so you know you’re not in this alone.


Your treatment plan is based on your goals, your experiences, your body, and your unique mind.


Your health is precious. Prescriptions are only part of your treatment if it’s necessary, and you fill it at a pharmacy—same as you would with any other medical care. 


We’re experienced, medical professionals who use what’s clinically proven to help you feel better and if needed, make the right adjustments for you.


No long wait period. Appointments are typically available within 5 days.

How it works

Schedule a consultation

Select your state and match with a psychiatric provider who understands what you're going through.

Tell us what’s important to you

Share what you want to discuss in therapy.

Go to your first session

Join a virtual session where you’ll share what you’re feeling and your goals with your provider.

Sample product shot of booking with a provider on their profile. The profile displays a provider's name, confirms that they're licensed, shows times you can book, and what types of clients they work with.

Start medication, if prescribed

Your provider will work with you on next steps for your mental health and if it’s appropriate, prescribe you medication.

People can call into sessions from their tablet, phone, or computer.

Track your progress

Check in regularly with your provider to make sure your care is working and make changes if needed.


What is UpLift?

We’re rethinking mental health to work for everyone. We believe it should be easy for everyone to access care and experience real growth.

UpLift makes it simple for people to pay for therapy and psychiatry sessions using insurance or with cash at an affordable rate.

Do you offer subscription plans?

No, UpLift doesn't offer subscription plans. We keep sessions affordable by partnering with insurance. You can meet with your provider as often as you need, and you'll only be charged after each session occurs.

If I’m prescribed medication, how long will I be on it?

Everyone’s mental health is different, which means there’s no set way to know how long you’ll be on medication. Some people reach their goals in a year, some in a month. Some people may need to stay on medication, like a form of maintenance or daily vitamins.

You may find medication isn’t right for you or you’ve made the kind of progress where you feel like stopping. If you want to stop, talk to your provider. Suddenly stopping medication can lead to side effects.

How do I receive my medication?

After sharing with us a bit about yourself, you will meet with an UpLift provider. If it seems right, you’ll receive a prescription for medication. Your provider will then ask for your preferred pharmacy where you can then pick up your medication.

How much will UpLift cost?

You’ll only be charged after each session. Before you meet with your UpLift provider, you will receive an email with instructions on how to check your session costs with insurance. You and your provider can develop a treatment plan that works best for you.

The cost of your medication will depend on your insurance plan. We recommend speaking with your insurance to learn how much your medication will cost. Try asking about your copay, deductible, and whether they cover your prescribed medication.

Is UpLift able and allowed to prescribe me through virtual care?

Yes, we hire licensed psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who are trained to diagnose and prescribe through virtual care. You would meet with a provider who can legally practice in your state. Our providers assess your symptoms to learn if medication is the right treatment using the same tools and processes as any in-person provider.

If I do psychiatry on UpLift, do I have to do therapy, too?

You choose the mental health care you want to do. However, research shows that psychiatry works best when combined with therapy—which is why we offer support through a care team.

What insurance plans does UpLift accept?

We partner with these plans:

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth Caritas DC
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Florida Blue
  • GEHA
  • Johns Hopkins Health Plans
  • Kaiser Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States
  • Optum
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • UMR
  • Medicare

The amount you pay will depend on your specific insurance plan and benefits. If you don’t see your insurance here or you match with a provider who isn’t in your network, we offer reduced self-pay rates.

Do I need insurance to use UpLift?

No, you can use UpLift without insurance. We offer affordable cash pay rates for psychiatry sessions.

However, we do suggest checking your options when paying for your medication. Our providers will give you a prescription to be filled at your pharmacy. If you have insurance that we don’t partner with, they may still cover your medication.